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The One Thing That Misses in Every Sales Pitch

There is 1 thing that every sales pitch/sales storyline misses to be more successful. I have literally made over 500 sales storylines/sales pitches and almost every single time I miss 1 critical piece of information to sell faster. I have called it: the structural slide.

Any sales pitch is geared to create a form of unrest within the prospect so that they will want to act (intrinsically).

You can apply whatever sales methodology you want for this. But once you have painted a picture of the world that is imperfect, messy, and complex without your solution you’ll need to guide them (and not confuse them even more) Most sales just keep rambling on about how their solution can fix this created problem but if you do that too long (or explain many features) you make your solution too complex.

You need to explain how you will solve this in a few steps thus adding structure.


Look at some examples here:

I explain this in depth in my latest video: