About Michael Humblet

Michael has a thing for sales machines. He designs them, builds them, scales them and trains other salespeople to do the same. But before you can do that, he says, you have to get your Sales Story on point. With his content agency chaomatic.com, Humblet has helped more than a thousand companies scale, his own included. He happily shares all that knowledge in his Sales Acceleration Show on YouTube and in books.


Michael is available for both real life (offline) and virtual (online) events.

Sales training

Each one-on-one session is uniquely designed for scaling your business.

Sales Academy

School of Sales - Sales advice by leading experts

The Sales Acceleration Show

Michael Humblet is the host of the Sales Acceleration Show, a SALES and MARKETING focussed show where he invites founders and ceo’s of fast growing scale-ups to discuss how they accelerate their business, scale revenue acquisition and run their teams. Your source for pragmatic sales and marketing advice with the industry leaders that will generate more revenue for your business ! 

New book: WHY NOW?

Sales has changed dramatically in recent years. But are your salespeople too? How are your sales techniques? Digital scalability aside, the speed and rhythm of sales is completely different than it was a while ago. Successful companies have found ways to deal with and even anticipate this.

This book builds on experience with more than 350 companies that have accelerated their sales strategy. WHY NOW? demonstrates the ideal architecture of any sales pitch with pragmatic examples that you can use today. It’s closing time.

Upcoming classrooms & events

Get ready to transform your sales approach with Michael Humblet’s upcoming training events and masterclasses. These events aren’t just about learning, hey’re about empowering you to take your business to new heights.

Build your ultimate sales machine

Your customers and prospects have changed, but does that also apply to your sales techniques? Are they sufficiently adapted to the modern, digital world? In this series of videos, made in collaboration with Bloovi, the sales expert Michael Humblet uses clear examples to explain how to build a well-oiled sales machine that will convert to maximum effect today and tomorrow. It’s not only about sales, but also personal branding and how we can use this to generate leads. These videos have only one important goal, = to grow and scale your business.