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New book: Why now?

Sales has changed dramatically in recent years. But are your salespeople too? How are your sales techniques? Digital scalability aside, the speed and rhythm of sales is completely different than it was a while ago. Successful companies have found ways to deal with and even anticipate this.

This book builds on experience with more than 350 companies that have accelerated their sales strategy. WHY NOW? demonstrates the ideal architecture of any sales pitch with pragmatic examples that you can use today. It's closing time.

Layered content production is the new sales Ft. Peter Snauwaert

Sales starts and ends with trust. That’s clear. Your prospects will find everything online. Fundamentally, they’re looking for something/ someone to guide them through their buyer journey. In order to get that trust, you’ll have to show up in your most authentic way, online as well.

In this episode, I’m having a talk with my good friend, Peter Snauwaert, about gaining trust in sales, and the importance of your journey, trying to reach your ideal destination.

The Ultimate Sales Storyline Canvas

This canvas is used by +350 companies to perfect their sales storyline. Learn to close better and faster by optimizing your sales storyline. This canvas allows you to do it yourself, today. It’s closing time.

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Nobody knows you

The biggest hurdle between you and your plans for growth is this: nobody knows you.

This is true if you’re a freelancer, an employee, an executive, even a company founder. You may be going all out with your company brand, but you’ve neglected to hone your own. The first thing your business needs to grow… is you.

With the insights in this book, you’ll set out your strategy and create content. Not just any content, but content that matters. Content that makes you tick and brings you the right contacts. Build your thought leadership and leverage it as a mechanism to scale your business—starting with yourself.

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