Sales Sprints

Sales Sprints – next level focused sales approach to dominate any niche or market

How come certain star-ups and scale-ups can conquer a market so quickly with almost no assets? How can we leverage some of these techniques in our business to reap a high velocity approach? Sales sprints are more than ever active and being implemented in sales and marketing teams. They solve 2 major issues: Controlled Focus on 1 segment (and within a 6 weeks timeframe) and you need to bang that drum. You need to find a way to go out there and make noise with your prospects but keep doing it. During this course you’ll learn how sales sprints work, how to implement them, what to be careful with and tons of pragmatic examples.


  • Sales sprint framework
  • Scale yourself (and your sales technique
  • Team sales approaches to conquer markets
  • Next level Cold outreach techniques
  • Sales Cadences to reach prospects you don’t know
  • Value laddering to increase your prices
  • Next actions technique to always be read
  • Building the sales machine
  • Optimising marketing BAIT material
  • Sales tooling

For who?

Sales management, Senior to junior sales representatives, sales team, Marketing management, Marketing team, pre-sales team, customer success team, customer facing teams, SDR’s, Account Executives

Course format

  • Online or classroom 2 x 2h session
  • Live instructor 
  • Exclusive access to all used material, videos en blueprints
  • Industry-recognised certification
  • Maximum number of learners: 10