Sales foundations

Sales Foundations - The next frontier in sales

Sales is fundamentaly changed but have your sales techniques or sales team? The time of just passing your business cards is no longer a reality. How can we scale our sales strategy and tactics in this digital era? How do we apply this in our daily sales life. Time for a very pragmatic view on your sales machine.


  • Your prospect has changed – have you?
  • A new view on the buying journey
  • How to move from seller to buyer centric sales  
  • New Sales models 
  • An overview of all the sales techniques and how to apply them
  • The why now model (why should your prospect buy today?)
  • Dealing with Hierarchy in B2B deals
  • How to build your own sales machine (sales cadences, sales tooling)

For who?

Sales management, Senior to junior sales representatives, sales team, Marketing management, Marketing team, pre-sales team, customer success team, customer facing teams, SDR’s, Account Executives

Course format

  • Online or classroom 2h session Live instructor
  • Exclusive access to all used material, videos en blueprints
  • Industry-recognised certification
  • Maximum number of learners: 10