Converting Sales Storylines

The Ultimate Sales storyline that converts

Stop talking about your product or service! Why? We want to sell? Exactly, the question is how can you sell faster with more impact without pushing yourself or your product all the time. After creating +500 sales storylines Michael will explain, show, prove and educate several models that you can apply immediately. This will have a massive impact on your sales conversions and on your sales approach overall. This training is packed with examples and before & After use cases.


  • Why Now Model to increase impact
  • 5 step blueprint for the ultimate sales storyline
  • Master Attention Drive
  • Trust Social proof techniques
  • Structure to unblock deals that have been stuk for ages
  • Next action model to keep the momentum going
  • Use cases, tons of pragmatic examples

For who?

Sales management, Senior to junior sales representatives, sales team, Marketing management, Marketing team, pre-sales team, customer success team, customer facing teams, SDR’s, Account Executives

Course format

  • Online or classroom 2 x 2h session
  • Live instructor 
  • Exclusive access to all used material, videos en blueprints
  • Industry-recognised certification
  • Maximum number of learners: 10