Build and grow your Thought Leadership to scale your leads

How can you leverage your (and others) thought leadership to get more good quality leads? Ken de Kort, founder and CEO, of The House of Spark joins to Sales Acceleration Show to share his insights and pragmatic advice. Ken has been building video thought leadership for a large variety of customers.

Listen to the podcast or read the full transcript below.

Build and grow your Thought Leadership to scale your leads with Ken de Kort – SAS ep 59

00:00                            Welcome to the sales acceleration show. My name is Michael Humbert and in the show today we talk about thought leadership and especially video thought leadership. So I’ve invited a good friend of mine called Ken de Kort. I’m going to introduce you my friend. Let’s see how this goes. You used to be a famous star on television when he was really, really young. We go way back. I worked with him on several videos and I was so impressed that we eventually started a company together. Today I want to talk about thought leadership. I want to talk about use cases and talk about video.


00:43                            Now let’s, let’s go to the first thing. I am a large corporate and I want to make a movie and every single time I see the same thing happening. It is the typical company. The CEO drone shot, go down, CEO into the building. We’ve been existing for 20 years. So tell me, should you do that? No, the answer is a big fat no. Um, why? It’s actually every time we come in and especially with the large corporates, it’s a general, uh, that corporate movie we’ll drive leads, will,, change the way they do marketing and business. But it’s not. But the reality is nobody cares. Exactly. because a corporate movie, is typically about us, what we’re doing, how good we are, how long we exist. And the challenge, and especially with the changing way of doing sales and marketing, is that you talk about them, the people that are your target audience.

01:43                            And that’s the reason why I don’t believe in a corporate movie. You can explain your,, your services, your core benefits, but not in a typical corporate move yet. I also think it’s because the boss is paying, it should be about boss that kind of get, get kind of pros. Well, the larger corporates you have, the more it can a cure that it’s about bus types and C level profiles. True. so what should they do then? Well, um, there’s a concept called thought leadership that you already introduced. basically it’s about providing value around the topics that people search for. So for example, I’m interested in, let’s say interim management. I searched for how can I be an interim manager? What are the benefits of doing interim management jobs? Then the thought leadership process is actually when I searched for that topic, the company needs to be there.