Social selling starts with personal branding

Social selling starts with personal branding One of the first elements that always strikes me during sales workshops is the pungent lack of attention sales people pay to personal branding. Sales lead generation doesn’t magically happen overnight, it’s the pinnacle of a customer journey you take them on. Traditionally, the [...]

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5 Tips for closing a sales deal

I Asked 5 Sales Experts for Their #1 Sales Tip. Here’s What They Said. Want to know how the best salespeople do it? I asked 5 sales experts for their best sales tips. I then rounded up these genius tips in this blog post. Read, enjoy and learn!
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Forecasting in sales

You cannot run a business without knowing how many deals you will close. Forecasting sales and predicting revenues is not easy. Depending on how many deals you have in your system there are 2 types of forecasting that work: the weighting system and the commit system. Read and enjoy my tips!
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