Episode 45 – “Building community to scale your growth” with Jelle Verdoodt (Studio Sunday)

How to create a personal brand that blends with your company brand? Jelle Verdoodt, founder of studio sunday joins the sales acceleration show to discuss building community, creating brand DNA, storytelling and staying true to yourself. Resources mentioned in this episode @jelleverdoodt https://www.studiosunday.be/ https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/ https://lewishowes.com/ book: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

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Episode 043 – “The 4 Factors of Learning” with Loren Roosendaal (Knowingo+)

Classic learning models don’t work anymore. We have been teaching the wrong things. Loren Roosendaal, founder of Kowingo joins the sales acceleration show to discuss how you can leverage gamification to accelerate and deepening the learning of your staff. There are 4 factors you need to take care off if

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Episode 042 – “A CFO’s view on your SaaS business” with Joris Noreillie

Joris Noreillie is one of the best Freelance CFO’s that I have met that focuses on Saas business that are in scale-up phase. In this episode we go in detail about a CFO view on your business from fund raising, sales, financial KPI’s, measurement, quantitative approaches to marketing and Churn.

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Episode 044 – “How to Scale by organising events” with Rien van den Bosch (KOOACH)

Rien van den Bosch, the co-founder of Kooach,  joins the Sales acceleration show to discuss how you can leverage events and training to scale your business. We talk about the pitfalls that you need to avoid and cover lots of pragmatic advice like: should you charge (and how much) for

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Episode 41 – “The 5 Steps to building a growth team” with David van der Auwera

David Van der Auwera, founder of Grow Force, Joins the show to discuss the 5 steps of building Growth teams in your business. Those 5 steps are: Value proposition, Marketing setup, Sales Team, Process and finally Technology. Aligning all of these will create a true sales machine. I still love

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Perfect your storytelling, on stage performance and presentation skills!

Recently I had a fascinating interview in my Sales Acceleration Show with Marnick Vandebroek from Standupcompany.com on perfecting your storytelling and stage performance. He shared with me his most actionable tips that you can use to get your audience engaged and to tell your brand’s story in a lively way. Read, learn and enjoy !!

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Forecasting in sales

You cannot run a business without knowing how many deals you will close. Forecasting sales and predicting revenues is not easy. Depending on how many deals you have in your system there are 2 types of forecasting that work: the weighting system and the commit system. Read and enjoy my tips!

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