Perfect your storytelling, on stage performance and presentation skills!

Recently I had a fascinating interview in my Sales Acceleration Show with Marnick Vandebroek from on perfecting your storytelling and stage performance. He shared with me his most actionable tips that you can use to get your audience engaged and to tell your brand’s story in a lively way. Read, learn and enjoy !!

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Forecasting in sales

You cannot run a business without knowing how many deals you will close. Forecasting sales and predicting revenues is not easy. Depending on how many deals you have in your system there are 2 types of forecasting that work: the weighting system and the commit system. Read and enjoy my tips!

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How to create opportunities by bottom-up thinking?

How to create opportunities by bottom-up thinking? At Web Tomorrow I had an inspiring meeting with Peter Decuypere, the founding father of I love Techno en club Fuse. Peter is also the author of the books ‘Holy Trinity Events’ and ‘We love events’. We talked about his books and we discussed

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How to enter a new B2B sales market in 3 steps: team, focus and company culture!

  Do you as a also have trouble entering new B2B sales markets? During my career, I received tons of questions of corporates on the subject, so I figured it'd be a good idea to discuss this topic with Aline Muylaert, co-founder of Citizenlab, about how they enter a new B2B sales market

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