5 Tips for closing a sales deal

I Asked 5 Sales Experts for Their #1 Sales Tip. Here’s What They Said.

Want to know how the best salespeople do it? I asked 5 sales experts for their best sales tips. I then rounded up these genius tips in this blog post. Read, enjoy and learn!


Sales tip 1: Follow up!

“We once had a big client, but at first they wouldn’t answer our calls and they wouldn’t answer our emails. But we kept calling them, we kept emailing them every week until they finally agreed to meet us and now they are using our product.”

Dries from ConversationStarter

Sales tip 2: Make sure you walk out with something tangible after a meeting with a potential customer!

“Many salespersons go out there and come back and say: “I had four great meetings this week” Then you ask them: “What’s next?” And then they respond: “The client is interested and they will let us know.” No, you have to walk out with something tangible. Make a proposal, make an offer and discuss it next week. Anything that makes it tangible and then take it to the next step.”

Marnick Vandebroek, founder of standupcompany

Sales tip 3: Create ambassadors from your customers!

“From the first meeting on we really focus on the person in front of us. The person that we are actually talking to convince them of our product. We want to them to be so convinced that when they go to their boss they are not going to say: “This is a nice product.’ We want them to say: “Look what I have found, this is really cool.” Make them a star with their bosses.”

Dries Hendrickx and Thomas Celen

Dries Hendrickx and Thomas Celen @Webtomorrow 2017

Sales tip 4: Be personal, believe in what you sell and be specific in what you have to offer!

“I believe it is important to be personal, to believe in what you are selling and to be specific in what you have to offer and in what you want from your customer in return.”

Inge Crauwels, Godmother The Maffia

Sales tip 5: Be personal with your customers!

“Be personal in the conversation with your potential customer. When we send an email to our customers we add a little video telling: ‘Hi Michael, I am Sam from Storyme and this is my proposal and all you have to do is call me etc..” Being very personal in our e-mail or video has been proven that it augmented our ROI substantially.”

Yan Ketelers, Head of video strategy, StoryMe

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