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Recently I had a fascinating interview in my Sales Acceleration Show with Marnick Vandebroek from on perfecting your storytelling and stage performance. He shared with me his most actionable tips that you can use to get your audience engaged and to tell your brand’s story in a lively way. Read, learn and enjoy !!

Marnick: “My first tip to keep your audience engaged is to create a context. Create a world where you want to take your client or audience to so that he knows: this is where we are going. ”

Create a tangible and emotional connection

My second tip is to create a tangible and emotional connection. If you want to make your client or audience listen to you, then you go for the personal value. What is in my story that can really help you with your problem and your challenges.

Take your audience on a journey

I am a big fan of interaction. Why? In the middle ages, people would go to a pub and tell a tale or a legend. The whole bar was listening to your story because they were taken on a journey by the speaker. But how do you do make your talk more interactive? I would advise the following.  Start off very simple. Take a number, put it out on the screen and ask your audience what the number means. It’s a really simple and safe method to include more interactivity. The audience will respond immediately. They will say: “What you make in a week? The number of times you flew around the world,…” So nothing bad can really happen.

Marnick Vandebroek

Add value

My next tip to add interactivity to your talk is: add value to it. Most speakers start their talk by saying: I don’t like a monologue. I like presentations to be interactive and then they start a monologue for over an hour. Instead of saying you like interactivity, use that time to actually ask questions.

Play the underdog

Play the underdog. That always works. We are both convinced that the intro, the power of starting off is very important. Most people use it to boost their ego. But nobody cares. The audience has already decided at that point not to listen anymore to what you have to say.

Training and structure

Another thing I do: I have things on the screen, but I am not going to talk about it. A lot of people put things on the screen that they want to read because they are not structured. And that is where training comes in. 

Cross the gap between you and your audience

My last tip is on closing your talk. Most speakers end their speech by inviting people to ask questions and nothing happens. That is always a very painful moment. The problem is that most speakers don’t realise there is a distance between themselves the speaker and the audience. Sometimes it’s a table, or you have a big gap between the audience and the stage. You have to cross the gap between yourself and the audience. If you first spend an hour throwing information over the heads of your audience and then at the end you say: “Hey, neighbour do you have any questions for me, then this person is going to say: there has not been any conversation, so I am not going to ask any questions now.”

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