How to create opportunities by bottom-up thinking?

At Web Tomorrow I had an inspiring meeting with Peter Decuypere, the founding father of I love Techno en club Fuse. Peter is also the author of the books ‘Holy Trinity Events’ and ‘We love events’.

We talked about his books and we discussed the fact that marketing professors are still teaching a top-down approach. According to Peter, we need to switch to bottom-up thinking to create opportunities. By making sure people work together they create value and opportunities manifest themselves via value. You should find excuses to connect people and get them to do exchanges. This way you create earned emotions and that is the solid foundation for earned media which leads to opportunities. Are you also eager to find out how by bottom-up thinking you can create opportunities, then keep on reading!

Creating value

Doing events is all about marketing. If the marketing of your event is not good, people don’t come. It also leads to direct results: you see your people, you see your customers. So if your marketing is bad, forget it. My first book “We love events’ was about the real-time event: you have to manage that and you have to manage the conversation event. What brings those two events together is value, the creation of value. And it can as well be within your real-time event as within you conversation event. So creating value is the basics of it all.”

Bottom-up thinking instead of top down thinking

During our talk, I was eager to find out what, in Peter’s view, a young marketer should do who wants to start with marketing. Peter: “The real problem is the fact that if you follow marketing courses, most professors are still thinking very top down. We are doing this and we are offering choices, choices, choices. I think you have to make a mental switch and you really need to think bottom-up. You have to create opportunities where people can work together and create value together.”

Peter Decuypere and Michael Humblet

Emotions are key

“A good example to illustrate my vision is Albert Heijn. Retail is dull. If you buy chips or Coca-Cola at Albert Heijn or Delhaize it’s all the same. It’s about commodities. A few years ago, however, Albert Heijn launched a very interesting, but simple campaign in Belgium. You had to collect stamps and fill out bingo cards. But it wasn’t that easy to complete one card. At a certain moment, there was a little poster in the AH shops saying: “This Saturday between two and four o’clock you can come to the shop and exchange stamps with the other customers.” And that is what I call creating opportunities. That is making people doing things together. Meeting other people and exchanging stamps is about community building and connecting to other people. You meet somebody and you exchange stamps is something you will not forget. It is about gifting and emotions as well. I completed my bingo card and I said to someone: “Here, you can have my stamps.”

Earned emotions are the solid foundations for earned media

Peter: “I really think a brand and not the customers themselves should organise those events because there is so much value in it. You can build a community and by doing this you build earned emotions. If you and I talk together here at WebTomorrow, that is something I will remember from this event here. Having that talk here. And that’s earned emotions, which is all about bottom-up thinking. And that brings you to earned media and that’s for me top-down thinking.  So earned emotions are the solid foundations for earned media. And I think that’s important. Think bottom-up, think opportunities together with creating choices. That’s my advice.

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