3 easy tips for improving your Sales Presentations

Of course, any seasoned salesperson is able to come up with a sales presentation. To take this to another level – with the matching results – however,  is a different ball game. While working at the  Start it @ KBC offices, I received more than just one question on the subject. The interested parties weren’t exactly new kids on the block, so I figured it’d be a good idea to dig into the elusive topic of The Sales Presentation.

In need of some drastic improvement of your sales presentations ?

Check out my video for the following 3 tips:

1. Start strong, Finish even stronger.

For most people, concentration and focus peak at the start, lagging off when reaching the end of your presentation or pitch. the presenter will start strong, but will of then neglect the key take away, which is: an end conclusion that sticks.Get rid off the ‘this was my presentation, what do you think?’Instead, opt for a bold statement like ‘I am convinced that my software will accelerate your revenues by 3 in the next month’Stay in the power position !

2. Remove all obstacles to Sell. 

Prepare content which customers ‘get’ immediately. You might know what it all means, but don’t presume they can read your mind. You only have a few seconds to convince your audience, so chose visually attractive slides or numbers.

3. Make your presentation actionable

What do you want them to do, once you’ve delivered your talk ? Act !

By using phrases like ‘send offer’, ‘set next meeting date’, etc…you show your clients where it’s at.

Pinpointing  of the next action is key to moving deals forward.


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